Twitter Vs Instagram

For the past five years, Twitter has been the second king after Facebook which was known to be the dominating giant in Social media network. In fact, the rate at which people were using the platform in years back was so awesome. It was what people were saying in town “Follow me on Twitter”. Not only that, every business owners will like to have Twitter handle for their brand. As we know that, everyone will always want to join the moving train– I mean the latest development in town. Truth be told, Twitter was really helping as people buy ads at a cheaper rate and everything was going smoothly between Twitter and the business owners. However, two years ago, Twitter started losing its dominance due to the birth of another competitive platform named Instagram. The birth of Instagram shifts the whole attention of people away from Twitter. Not just that alone, it makes social media marketers find it confusing to choose between the two ” Twitter and Instagram”. Although both social media platform is awesome, as a professional marketer we need to know the which of the two that can help to build a brand faster. Well, this brings about the article “Twitter Vs Instagram” in this my article I will be rating this two giant based on five points which are stated below:
–> Statistics
–> Engagement
–> Advertisement
–> Functionality

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With these four headings which I used to rate the battle Twitter Vs Instagram, you should be able to decide on which of the platform that can help build your brand. First and foremost, I will like to talk about the statistics of both Twitter and Instagram. Twitter released their data of 316 million users that are active monthly in which 80% of them are active users on a mobile phone. However, Instagram also released their monthly data of over 400 million active users. We can actually see the difference between their monthly active users. 77 percent of Twitter users are outside the US and more than 500 million tweets sent on a daily basis. Comparing this with Instagram, the platform provided their own data on the number of photos shared and likes acquired per day(40 billion photos shared and an average of 80 million photos are shared every day including 3.6 billion likes).

Secondly, Twitter Vs Instagram is also rated base on their engagement I can say that Instagram is more engaging compared to Twitter. However, on Instagram, you will hardly see any external links or ads which can serve as a distraction while scrolling on the app. In other words, Twitter contains many links of a blog post making it less engaging enough to the users.

Thirdly, We can’t look down on Twitter when it comes to advertisement. Advertisers can easily register and start promoting their content immediately which is not possible on Instagram. Advertisement on Twitter is opened while on Instagram is closely tightened.

Lastly, I personally give accolades to twitter when it comes to perfect marketing functionality. In fact, the content marketer will not even want to leave Twitter because of the easy share button attached to their blog content. Twitter allows everyone to share content easily on their platform directly from their blog which is not possible on Instagram. Not only that, Twitter offers feedback functionality which allows customers to interact well with the business owner. This makes Twitter be perfect for marketing compared to Instagram.

Conclusively, Twitter Vs Instagram is what people search on the web regularly. They are eager to know the best between the two giants. Well, you can’t leave Twitter and stick to Instagram likewise going with Instagram and leaving Twitter. Twitter is a great tool for content marketing while Instagram is a platform where you can be publishing original contents and build an audience around your brand.


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