Technology is advancing day by day, long ago myspace was known to be giant social media. Not only that, 2go instant messaging is no longer in town again. Perhaps, Twitter is losing its ground in some countries such as china. More also, Facebook is under the pressure of the government, In fact, the so called Instagram is no longer trusted again as it has been populated with scams, advertisements and also with unnecessary algorithm. Hence, a digital marketer, still need to know what is happening in the internet world, They are more interested in knowing what their competitor is doing, Due to this reason, we have been looking out for better social media that can be utilize by the social media marketer to reach your customers and your prospective buyers wherever they are. I will be talking about the two emerging social media websites in 2019. Truly, veto has been the major threat to Instagram and many digital marketer are really interested in this platform.
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Vero is the primary contender to the popular social media sharing behemoth referred to just as Instagram. This application takes into consideration simple sharing of motion pictures, music,TV, photographs and books. This opens up the gathering in order to help manufacture a superior profile of the person. Vero is a superb platform for craftsmen who need to discharge their own specialty and offer it with others. Likewise, there are no promotions(excessive adverts) on Vero compared to instagram. But just only the content. What is more than this? Talking about the content, you can set who to share your content with through the 4 available choices which include: companion, dear companion, adherents and colleague. However, this opens up the virtual associate such that mirrors genuine security. In fact, vero is a basic of everything. However, there is a nice enhancement that will present to Vero a strong client base. Marketer should utilize this powerful platform as it has all the features required to compete with Instagram.
Rolling in from the Eastern Hemisphere, this Chinese constructed application is organized to put an end to Snapchat. contrasts from Snapchat in that it centers around 15 seconds to 1-minute recordings. Additionally, you can pick soundtracks to go with the video and utilize distinctive speed impacts and channels. Utilizing, you can likewise make shorter recordings called “live minutes,” which are basically GIFS with music. Clients can likewise “remuse” sounds made by different clients and interface with others through the following:
Make an Inquiry feature
Two part harmony
Best Fan Forever
This will be a great social media for marketers in 2019. It is time where marketer can use lengthy sounds and gif to spread their products on social media.


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