Increase your authority online

You spend time writing quality texts every day, but at the end of the day you publish your content, but no one reads your article. Even if you share your participation in social networks, you will just see them read a few words and see them disappear. Plus the number of comments, social actions, and frequent visitors? It is embarrassing.
What about sales and fans? It’s just disappointing.
How many subscribers? very little.

It seems that people are not interested in your message and the value you give them. Well, all these are signs of weak authority in your own niche. We have created the opportunity to instantly increase your authority online.

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Write a case study
One of the ways to increase your authority online is to write a case study. Including a case study in the content is very effective especially if people who know how to get the results are presented to you or to another person.

The person who can receive the results is considered the authority.

Well, there is a good and a bad way to write a case study.

The wrong way is to have a block of text without proof.

The right way is to enter a visual guide for anything you can imagine.

For example, write a case study on how to earn $ 1,000 per month with Adsense.

Proof of what you say, you will have a screenshot of your Adsense account with the same amount you are writing about.

But if there is no evidence that writing a case study is the wrong method and will not increase your authority.

Include Testimonials
Difficult to get a testimonial, but they work perfectly for increasing your authority online.
If your site offers added value to users, you may sometimes receive an email from someone who wishes to thank you.

This is the perfect time to include the testimony in your content. Just ask the person if they can see their message on their website. Most likely he will say yes.
You can do it even without clients. Your readers can appreciate you for providing quality content. It is useful for the testimonial.

Partner with other authorities
It is clear that people are being judged based on those that surround them.

Thus, when you interact with other experts in your field, you are associated with them and you are therefore considered an authority.

Now it can be very difficult to go out with the authorities for you.
Just show that you can interact with them.

The simplest is to consult certain authorities and conduct an interview for them.


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