With so many questions from our readers, we are here to answer the question “what is do follow backlinks?” I will also need to explain what do follow backlinks is all about. Do follow backlinks are backlink which added juice to your domain. Hereby, making search engine to rank your domain higher based on the keyword. Whenever you submitted your link to any website(forum or blog), the link is either do follow or no follow. However, in most cases; the link is usually no follow which means Google is not allowed to rank you by that link you submitted. Due to this reason, marketers, bloggers, SEO experts never tired of searching the web for websites where they can get link juice. The truth is that Google is against individual violating the concept, they want each domain to get do follow backlinks naturally especially from domain with less authority. Truth be told, not all marketers can wait until they get do follow naturally. And this is because of the mouth watering benefits which are:

  1. Do follow will make Google to rank you higher.
  2. Do follow backlinks Will increase your domain authority.
  3. You will get free traffic to your website.
    Do follow backlinks are very easy to identified, when any website allow you to input your link along side with anchor text– it simply means you will get link juice if you submit your link to them. Do follow is like this Your keyword or Your keyword.
    There are important things you should know before you write down the websites where you can get do follow backlinks.
  4. Don’t submit repeated keywords on different websites because it will make your link not to be natural and Google can penalized you for it.
  5. Don’t spam the websites by submitting links that are not related to the forums or blogs
    Pick up your pen and write down the 50 websites to get do follow backlinks:
    1 http://www.pinterest.com/
    2 http://slashdot.org/
    3 http://www.reddit.com/
    4 https://delicious.com/
    5 http://www.stumbleupon.com/
    6 http://newsle.com/
    7 http://www.newsvine.com/
    8 https://www.diigo.com/
    9 http://www.bibsonomy.org/
    10 http://www.folkd.com/
    11 http://www.webseoexpertservices.com/
    12 http://blinklist.com
    13 http://actweb-sport.com/
    14 http://www.bizsugar.com/
    15 http://fwisp.com/
    16 http://ak3.biz/
    17 http://madeinusadirectory.org/
    18 http://online-gv.com
    19 http://www.arizonavalueshuttle.org
    20 http://www.iesa.co
    21 http://www.whatisyourmoo.com/
    22 http://www.bizsugar.com
    23 http://fwisp.com/
    24 http://youmob.com/
    25 http://www.blokube.com/
    26 http://www.bookmark4you.com/
    27 http://37warrenave.com/
    28 http://aixindashi.org
    29 http://www.careep.org/
    30 http://www.activaging.org/
    31 http://registertovotetoday.com
    32 http://softsblog.com/
    33 http://www.activaging.org
    34 http://www.careep.org
    35 http://www.digitalnatives.co/
    36 http://www.gpone.info
    37 http://www.ikaaro.net
    38 http://www.ptquiz.com
    39 http://www.texterio.com
    40 http://www.usefulenglish.net
    41 http://www.airpim.biz/
    42 http://factson37.com/
    43 http://hot-bookmarks.com/
    44 http://www.youmob.com
    45 http://www.oyax.com

Top 5 Do follow backlinks from high authoritative domain

  1. indulgy
  2. ted
  3. copyrighted
  4. alltop
  5. granta


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