Moz and Domain Authority

Moz has finally announced that Domain Authority 2.0 will help search engine specialists, search engine marketers and even the webmasters to easily find and understand the results of their blog or website from the SERP results. I will quickly brief you on what the latest Moz version has taken as their key factors for calculating your website DA.

The key factors of SEO taken into account by Domain 2.0 are:

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Spam result
Link Quality Templates
A machine learning model that works with updates to the Google algorithm is closely related to search engine results.
As a result of this update to the new version of Moz Domain Authority, site owners and the bloggers may see a dramatic change in the domain authority of their website or blog. This is because the new domain authority takes into account the quantity and the quality of links that are pointing to your site.

Moz Domain Authority: DA means domain authority. This is a measure for Moz’s SEO provider, called Domain Strength of the entire Website. The ranges are from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the higher the domain authority of your website.

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Page Authority: This is different from the Moz domain authority because it represents the strength or performance of a single web page on a Web site, while the domain authority is calculated for the public domain.

Moz Range: MozRank is a term used to measure the popularity of 10-point logarithm on a particular website. Used to calculate the link’s popularity relative to others.

Alexa Rank: The lower the Alexa rank on the website, the higher the popularity of the website. Alexa is a global ranking system for websites that takes into account web traffic to calculate the Alexa ranking and its web traffic.
Major Factors Moz Consider to Calculate Domain Authority

Domain Age: The age of your domain also matters. The new Moz version will be considering your domain age for calculating your DA.

Website speed: Your website speed is now of the important factors used for calculating your Domain Authority. If your website is having bad load time, it is likely to effect negative changes in your website DA.

The number of referring root domains
: How many domains lead to your website? If it is one, you can’t compare it with the website having more than 10 domains leading to the root domains.r of backlinks to your website: The number of dofollow backlinks to your website also matters. If you want your DA to increase, get more quality backlinks to your website. Not only that, the quality of the links you are getting is also important. It is good to get backlinks from a website with high DA.

Moz trust: Moz trust is simply the global link trust score by Moz. Well, the Moz trust is similar to the Moz rank, which measures the link popularity. The Moz trust is dependent on the domain age.

Moz Spam Score: Spam Score is another factor that can influence your website DA. It simply indicates the percentage of websites that are having the same features, which have been banned or penalized by Google.

Quality of Website Content: The quality of your website content is very important. If you want your Domain authority to increase, make sure you write quality content which is not plagiarized.

Social Signals to your website: Moz never neglect the social media signal! If your website is trending on the popular social media network such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn– It may also increase your DA.

Quality of overall site content: All the content on your website must have good quality. Moz will check to know the quality of all your contents before increasing your website or blog DA.

Finally, you will need to check your DA or Pagerank? I will also give you the Moz website where you can check for your website authority and rank. Below are the list of websites where you can check.


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