Outshine your competitors

Have you been thinking about what to do as your competitor is outshining you in the market? Well, it is not a new thing in the market world. You will always see someone selling exactly what you are selling or someone rendering the same service like yours. You see your competitor flourishing and more customers rushing in and you ask yourself what am doing wrong? Obviously, you can’t just go and meet your competitors on how they are doing it. In fact, if you ask them it is likely for them not to tell you their marketing techniques for you not to outshine them. That is just a human being! You just need to accept that and continue reading this post on what to do when you are facing this challenge. I am able to write about this because I have been in this shoe before. Imagine you type a question on Google Search and there are thousands of results only just you should click on one. My posts appear on the first page of Google search result but yet no click from search engine. Then I will ask myself bitterly what am I not doing right on my blog? Until I apply the methods which am about to dish out. Here are what you can do to outshine your competitors:

  1. Get To Know Your Competitors
    If you never do this it will be difficult to outshine them. That is the first thing I did, I find time to list out my competitors and one of them was jeffbullas. How do I know them right? If I search Google for a particular topic that is on my blog, Google will return the different result that is related to what I search. So, my competitors are the blogs that are in the same niche as my own blog. Same as you too, get to know your competitors should be the first step. For example, if you want to start e-commerce in Nigeria– you should know that your competitors are Jumia and Konga. And a lot more…In fact, you can write them down and read about them on how they get started.
  2. Improve On What They Are Doing
    I discover that my competitors were using the seductive title to get the attention of people which make them get more traffic from Google. I don’t know that is what my competitors are doing until I find out. All I noticed is that my post featured in Google first page search results with no click. I started using the same title that my competitors used and I discover that traffic started coming from Google and Bing. Ooh! This is lovely, I ask myself what if I improve on this and use a title that is more seductive? The second thing to do is to find out what your competitors are doing. For example, Jumia in Nigeria win the market by doing cash on delivery, they bring what you ordered for to your doorstep and you pay. You can improve on this if you want to start the same business in Nigeria.
  3. Organize Free Seminars and Be influential
    Being influential is beyond social media popularity but to be known with your good work in the community. Part of this is to organize a free seminar for people to learn. It is not necessary to be in your niche, the seminar should be on what people want to know. Otherwise, you can share your brand name or business card with participants.
  4. Build Your Integrity
    Integrity is very important in business especially if you are rendering services to people. For those people selling products, integrity start from selling quality products down to the support given to your customers. And if you are a blogger, your integrity is to write quality content for your readers instead of copy and paste.


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