Yoast’s new CEO is now Marieke van de Rakt

Yoast’s new CEO is now Marieke van de Rakt as it was announced by the board. However, Marieke, who was the “founder of Yoast Academy”. Not only that, but she was also the former Chief Strategy Officer at Yoast, Now, Joost officially handed over to her to continue leading the company. Many people will be surprised reasons why the Yoast’s new CEO is now Marieke van de Rakt? I think that was decided by the Yoast founder and the board of directors.
The founder of Yoast and also the former CEO will now focus mainly on software development, as the new Chief Product Officer of Yoast(CPO). Not only that, but he will also be in charge of communication and marketing for WordPress. In her speech, she says “In many ways, I was already the CEO. Among the four of us, I am the one most thinking ahead. I am the one most concerned with company culture. I am the one who’s often leading the way. That does not mean I decided upon the route though. That’s something we do among the four of us. Still, I was the one proposing to my partners that we needed to make decisions.”

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Although she joined the board in the year 2014 which is 4years after the company was established. In their publication but now Yoast’s new CEO is now Marieke van de Rakt, She was being asked if there would be a change in the system of the company? She says, “I don’t think there will be big changes inside our organization. Things will pretty much keep running the way they were always running…I am very curious to what extent people will treat me any different now that I am the CEO of Yoast. For a lot of people outside of Yoast, it was not very clear what my role at Yoast was. The job title of CEO will perhaps be a door opener for me.” Joost, the founder of Yoast SEO plugin since 2010 also acclaim that she is capable of handling the company even more than he could do and he is delighted as Yoast’s new CEO is now Marieke van de Rakt.


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