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YouTube is one of the top search engines that we have on the internet. Every minute new video is uploaded and videos are being indexed. It is the fact that starting YouTube for marketing can go an extra mile in spreading your brand name. I will tell you the truth YouTube for marketing can also be frustrating even more than blogging. Not to be biased, I personally dislike this platform of marketing because of its hectic strategy. But after reading this my article, you can reconsider if to give it a try or not. As I said earlier, YouTube for marketing can be helpful but you need to start growing your YouTube channel. This is exactly like when you just open your blog and you start building an audience to read your articles. Compelling people to subscribe to your channel is not easy to accomplish, I think that is what makes me dislike YouTube for marketing despite the fact that I understood its effectiveness. Well, I don’t say you too should dislike it but you can consider it to be one of your digital marketing strategies this year 2019 only if you can give what it takes.

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Millions of videos are being uploaded in every hour, and viewers are only interested in watching quality videos with good graphics. If you can’t produce a quality video even if it is short for your brand, then don’t waste your time in video marketing. Obviously, the more quality video you are making and uploading, the more viewers and more subscribers. There was a time I decided to start video marketing and I uploaded a short video of just 5mins. Although the quality of the video was not as good to be compared with some video that talks about what I was trying to talk about my brand “Chinawapz digital agency”. Truth be told, that my video didn’t receive up to 50 views and with 0 subscribers. It was painful and I decided to quit YouTube for marketing and go for blogging. Because I didn’t get enough viewers doesn’t mean that everyone doing it won’t get viewers but they need to produce something unique and spectacular before their video can go viral. You will also enjoy YouTube for marketing if you can optimize your quality video for a search engine visibility. You can also consider Video marketing if you can make use of keyword properly on YouTube. In the headline and description, try to use the keyword. Whenever people search on YouTube your video will be listed among the search results.

In conclusion, video marketing is very effective but also crazy if you don’t have subscribers that can view your video. Will you reconsider it? Let us know your opinion.


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